Amir Oskouei,

Growing up the son of an Iranian antiques’ merchant, the famed Bazaar of Tabriz was his playground and it was early on working in his father’s shop that he discovered his love for rugs and fine textiles.Upon leaving the employ of his father’s antique shop since1989

DSC00001he apprenticed with Hassan Ahani, a prominent rug merchant in Tabriz, who specialized in the sale of semi antique rugs.  Amir quickly learned the nuances of the rug business and after just four years left Ahani to open his own rug shop.Initially specializing in the sale of semi antique rugs Amir went on to expand his business to include the sale and restoration of antiques rugs. He soon found himself employing a staff of restoration specialists. It was from his employees that Amir first began to learn rug restoration and it was working alongside them that he went on to hone his craft. As Amir says, “It’s not enough for me to sell the rug – I have to learn the inside of the rug; you need to know the soul of the rug.” all while he continued to run a successful business.By 2007 Amir was living his dream of owning and operating a successful rug shop in Tabriz, the rug capital of Persia. Being of Azerbaijani heritage, Amir was an ardent supporter of the preservation of Azerbaijani language,music and culture within Tabriz Iran. Such activities were considered subversive by the Iranian government and Amir became the target of political repression.

He was forced to flee his home and country as a political refugee, coming to the United States by way of Turkey. he find a job in the Landry & Arcari rug company and after two and half years exploring the rug market he decided to start his own business.

Amir is proud to have worked with Landry and Arcari since 2013 until 2016.

Once again. he started over from his own house in Beverly MA for his own business with his wife Negin and his little daughter Sara that she borned Spring 2016. So, after four years their son Sahand was born on the Fall 2020 and they decided to move to the bigger place. after a lot of searching finally they find their new house in North Reading MA, for themselves and their business. when the people ask him about his work history he always saying ” I’m new in USA but I’m old enough in this business”. 😉

Textiles and rugs carry a deep message of love, life and philosophy with them from the East.
I want to bring these messages into your home and give you these gifts of love, joy, and peace.
Each rug is made with tremendous hidden messages about life.
I hope they will bring you joy.